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This is Cozumel

Goodbye Dolly

Weather update:

Tropical Storm Dolly passed to the north of the island and over the Mexican Yucatan coast last night.

Weather is cloudy but calm again now in Cozumel, with luck the sun will be out again tomorrow.
Cozumel Dolly
Good weather back soon.
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This is Cozumel

New Adrenalin Pumpin' Tour

How much fun can you handle?

Get your adrenalin pumping on this amazing new catamaran snorkel and beach party.

No other tour offers this much extreme adventure in one day!
Cozumel parasailing
Extreme beach party fun!
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This is Cozumel

Top Snorkel Tips

Cozumel snorkeling.
Great snorkeling.
  With more than 100 types of beautiful coral and almost 300 species of colorful fish, you haven't seen Cozumel if you don't take a peek below the surface of the water!

Get the most out of your snorkeling experience with the help of our top tips...
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This is Cozumel

Declaration Of Art


Americans and others in Cozumel may want to celebrate the US Declaration of Independence tomorrow, artistically.

Island animal charity, the Humane Society, will raise money by selling art at a July 4th auction downtown.

Talented local artists will donate one of their creations for the auction and have booths set up to display and sell their works.

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This is Cozumel

Beach Pass, "We all loved it!"

Beach kayaks
Clear-bottomed kayaks.
  If you're looking for a great beach deal in Cozumel, then take a look at our rave-review, Playa Uvas all-inclusive day passes.

Janet Perez, one recent visitor to the beach, said "We all loved it! This place is well organized and the water is crystal clear".

Playa Uvas has a great location in a privileged area of Cozumel, by the Marine Park and reefs.
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