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Americans and others in Cozumel may want to celebrate the US Declaration of Independence tomorrow, artistically.

Island animal charity, the Humane Society, will raise money by selling art at a July 4th auction downtown.

Talented local artists will donate one of their creations for the auction and have booths set up to display and sell their works.

Around 20 artists are expected to attend or donate art, including Alejandra Rosas, 'El Tío', Greg Dietrich, José Rafael Amador, Liliana Macotela, Lourdes Garduño, Lucio Frias, Maria Noel Zisa, Mario Mizrahi, Othón González and Pedro Fonseca.

The charity helps dogs and cats in Cozumel through its veterinary center, an adoption program and other initiatives.

Their long term goal is to have the local authorities establish a humane dog and cat population control program, based on education and prevention of litters.

Cozume Humane Society
Adoption program

The auction will take place Friday July 4th at the Punta Langosta Mall on the seafront downtown at 7pm. Admission is free.

The painting shown above is by Mario Mizrahi. Take a look at some more work by Mario and other local artists:

Mario Mizrahi - Galo Ramírez - Pavel Llompart