Cozumel Diving

The waters around Cozumel are home to part of the second largest reef formation in the world, boasting over 100 types of coral and more than 250 species of fish.

The most precious areas are in a protected marine park that covers an area larger than 22,000 American football fields.

Is it any wonder scuba diving in Cozumel is so popular!?

Make new friends underwater.

In this Cozumel diving section you'll find great options for scuba around the island for experienced divers and beginners. Enjoy information about the Marine Park, insider tips on the best Cozumel dives and some awe-inspiring underwater photos from around the island.

Or, if you don't feel you're ready for diving and would rather try some snorkeling, take a look at our brilliant Cozumel snorkel tours and activities.

You haven't seen Cozumel until you've been beneath her waters, so come on, jump in!


This is Cozumel

Introductory Beach Dive For Beginners - $99

Cozumel resort dive
Cozumel resort dive.

Never tried diving before but would like to give it a go?

We have the perfect option for you here in Cozumel's calm, crystal clear waters.

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This is Cozumel

Introductory Boat Dive For Beginners - from $169

Another fantastic option for you to try diving here in Cozumel's calm, crystal clear waters.

This short boat diving course is with one of our friendly, fully-qualified, English-speaking instuctors.

Cozumel beginner boat dive
Beginner boat dive.
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This is Cozumel

Scuba Review (Refresher Course) - $99

Review your skills
Cozumel dive review.

If you’'re a certified diver who hasn't dived for 6 months or more, or simply needs to brush up on their skills and knowledge, then this refresher course is what you need.

Equipment is included if required, along with a classroom review and 1 or 2 tank beach dive.

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This is Cozumel

Beach Diving For Certified Divers - $99

An economical option for certified divers that want to dive with a reliable, local instructor, from a great beach for shore diving.

The activity lasts about 1 hour and you’'ll have a 1 tank dive from a beach at a convenient location about a mile south of downtown.

Cozumel beach diving
Cozumel beach dives.
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Boat Diving For Certified Divers - $87.20

Cozumel boat diving
Cozumel boat dives.

Already a certified diver and looking for a reliable, local, knowledgeable dive operation?

We only work with recognized instructors we know personally.

They use excellent boats with friendly captains and are trustworthy, safe and fully insured.

The total trip lasts about 4-5 hours and you’ll go to two world-renowned diving spots in Cozumel's Marine Park.

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This is Cozumel

Open Water Certification Course - $419

If you really want to learn to dive in Cozumel and have 3 to 4 days, then you can become a fully qualified PADI open water diver with this certification course.

The course includes all training, 5 dives, equipment rental (BCD jacket, regulator, mask and fins), educational material (diving manual, study guide log book, diving table, student record folder) and dive certificate/card.

Cozumel diving course
Cozumel dive course.
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Student Referral Dives - from $239

Cozumel referral dives
Referral dives.

Many diving students choose to start their diving course at home in a pool and then travel to Cozumel for the open water dives needed to complete the certification.

Our Student Referral program includes the 4 required dives (2 from a beach, 2 by boat) with an instructor and all equipment.

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This is Cozumel

Night Dive For Certified Divers - $59.50

Enjoy an unforgettable nocturnal experience with our reliable, local, knowledegeable dive professionals.

We only work with recognized instructors we know personally and who have insider knowledge on the best night dive locations.

Search for octopus, sleepy parrot fish, eels and other wonderful creatures of the Cozumel night on an underwater experience you'll never forget.

Cozumel night diving
Cozumel night dive.
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Cave and Cenote Diving - $ASK

Cave and cenote diving
Cave and cenote dives.

Cave diving experts from across the world flock to the region, find out what they’re so excited about!

We work with selected, experienced local cave and cenote diving specialists who can show you some of the most astounding sights you will ever see underwater and underground.

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This is Cozumel

Multi-Day Dive Tours from Cozumel - $ASK

Cozumel is perhaps the most famous diving destination in Mexico, but all around the area are other hidden diving gems.

The mainland is a Swiss cheese of cenotes and caverns, ideal for cave diving.

Around the Yucatan coastline of cayes and reefs is some of the most incredible sealife for you to join in the water, including whale sharks and bull sharks.

Cozumel dive tours
Tours from Cozumel.
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Cozumel Underwater Photographer

Cozumel dive photos

Keep the perfect memory of your dive trip in Cozumel with exemplary photos taken by one of our talented Cozumel underwater photographers. We love their work so much, we use it on our site!

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Cozumel Underwater Videographer

Video of Cozumel diving

Record your dive trip or underwater wedding in Cozumel with a breathtaking film recorded and produced by one of our professional Cozumel underwater videographers.

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Cozumel Marine Park

Cozumel Marine Park Map

The dream of every diver and snorkeler, Cozumel's Marine Park runs along the coast south of downtown and around Punta Sur - the southern tip of the island.

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Marine Park Rules

The Marine Park runs along the coast south of downtown and around Punta Sur - the southern tip of the island.

1.8 million people visit Cozumel's Marine Park every year and the area is protected by Mexican federal law.

If you're one of the many to visit please remember to follow the marine park rules and you can also play your part in conserving this amazing piece of nature.

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Insiders' Dives

Cozumel dive tips
Cozumel dive insiders.

A series of short news articles with insider tips from experienced professionals and recreational divers in Cozumel.

Find out where the insiders like to dive and why...

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