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This is Cozumel

Celebrating The Cry

Mexican Independence Day
Flag of lights.

Cozumel is getting ready for Mexican Independence Day next Tuesday, September 16th.

The annual celebration marks the Grito de Dolores, a call for Mexicans to rise up against the Spanish, made by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810.

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This is Cozumel

Better Local Flight Connections

Local airline, Mayair, wants to better connect the island with Cancun and mainland attractions such as Chichen Itza.

To this aim, they have signed an alliance agreement with Mexicana, one of Mexico's largest airlines.

Cozumel flights
Flights to Chichen Itza
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This is Cozumel

Hot Property: Bijou Villa

Vacation rental
Cozumel home away from home.

Why not rent your own "home away from home" next time you visit Cozumel?

This bijou, 2 bedroom, 2½ bathroom villa, is packed with tropical charm.

It uniquely offers a separate house and studio, both are included in the rental price.

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This is Cozumel

Ready For Continental Celebration

Cozumel is getting ready to mark the anniversary of the European discovery of the Americas on October 12.

Called the Día de la Raza, or 'Day of Race', in Mexico, the holiday is commemorated by millions across Latin America and Spain.

'Columbus Day' is a related holiday in the United States, commemorated mainly by Italian-Americans in celebration of their heritage.
Cozumel events
Columbus landing.
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This is Cozumel

Island Wildlife: Iguanas

Cozumel wildlife
Iguanas in Cozumel.

In the first of a new series about native island wildlife in Cozumel, we take a look at nature’s friendly miniature dragons: iguanas.

Iguanas are common in Cozumel, from backyards downtown to the surf-washed rocks on the island’s east coast.

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