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How much fun can you handle?

Get your adrenalin pumping on this amazing new catamaran snorkel and beach party.

No other tour offers this much extreme adventure in one day!
Cozumel parasailing
Extreme beach party fun!

First you are taken on guided snorkel tours at Cardona and Palancar Reefs, two of the most spectacular underwater sites in Cozumel.

You get to snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean, viewing exotic tropical sealife.

Cozumel kayaking
Kayaks included on the beach.
  After snorkeling, the fun is piled on at the private beach.

Enjoy the kayaks, water trampoline, climbing iceberg or play a game of beach volleyball.

When you've caught your breath, you can experience the thrill of a tandem parasailing ride, see the island from the sky!

And if you thought the adventure was over, you were wrong..!

You can still enjoy the buzz of flying over turquoise waters on a powerful Waverunner with a friend.
Cozumel Waverunners
Motor over the waves.

If you need a breather in between all the adventure, just relax on a float in the warm waters or swing in a hammock.

And don’t forget to enjoy your free lunch, ice cold beers and delicious margaritas!

Catamaran beach party
Modern 65 ft catamarans.
  But the party doesn't finish at the beach.

When you ride the waves back home the catamaran’s friendly crew will have you dancing on deck to more classic beach party tunes!

Pick and choose. Everything is included. Do as much or as little as you like.

This will be the best experience of your vacation, an adrenalin pumping day in paradise!

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