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Stories from the year 2006.

This is Cozumel

Cozumel One Year On

Before and after the recovery
Before and after the recovery.
  On October 20, 2005, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history arrived and pounded Cozumel relentlessly for 3 days.

Wilma destroyed the face of Cozumel but not her heart. Islanders stood up, cleaned up and opened up.
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This is Cozumel

Media Digest

Summaries of recent stories from local Mexican newspapers and websites.

News about the Park Royal hotel, cruise ship piers, marinas and airport.
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This is Cozumel

Recycling in Eco-Cozumel

Recycling in Cozumel.
Separating trash.
  Recyclable garbage collections have now started across the city in Cozumel.

Plastic, cardboard, bottles and cans can be separated from other trash and collected once a week.
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This is Cozumel

New 50 Peso Bill

The Bank of Mexico issued a new style 50 peso bill this month.

Like the 20 peso bill, the new 50 peso bank note is printed on resistant polymer instead of paper and has extra security features.
New 50 peso bill in Mexico.
How it looks.
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This is Cozumel

Huge Investment in Infrastructure and Tourism

Cozumel infrastructure
New airport road.
  Cozumel's Municipal Government announced last week that it plans to spend 350 million pesos (US $33 million) on public works in 2007.

Ricardo Espinosa Freyre, Director of Public Works, said they hoped to maintain the same high level of investment as seen this year.
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