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Latest news about how the global corona virus outbreak is affecting the island.

Support our campaign to help the island's poorest

Cozumel is effectively closed for tourism at the moment and this is likely to continue until at least May 30, 2020. Cozumel depends on tourism but now the island has no tourists. The economy and employment have been devastated. The poorest are struggling to feed their families and are relying on food parcels. Please support and share our new campaign and help those most in need.

Tourist attractions, tours, beaches, bars and restaurants are closed. Supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacists remain open. The airport also remains open with extra health checks in place, but few flights are operating. The passenger and vehicle ferry service is still running to and from Playa del Carmen, but with extra health checks in place and a reduced service.

Carnival cruise lines have suspended all cruises until August 2020; Royal Caribbean until mid-June; and Norwegian until July. For other cruise lines check their websites for more information, a full list can be found here.

According to data from the Quintana Roo State Government at 12 noon on May 9, 2020, there had been no new COVID-19 cases confirmed for 9 days on the island but, in total, 22 cases had been confirmed, with 13 already recovered and 7 deaths.

Support our campaign to help the island's poorest

The Mexican government has put the following measures in place across almost the whole country, including Cozumel, until at least May 30, 2020:

- Suspension of all non-essential activities
- Special precautions need to be taken for essential activities
- Everyone who is not involved in an essential activity must stay at home
- Everyone over the age of 60 or with certain health conditions must stay at home, even if they are usually involved in an essential activity
- When the suspension ends there will be a phased return to normal activity
- All face-to-face censuses and surveys must be suspended
- Human rights must be respected when enforcing all these measures

The local Cozumel government has said island civil servants are contributing part of their salary to a special fund to help those most in need; local authorities, civil groups and volunteers are helping those in need, including making and distributing food parcels; and nobody is allowed on the streets during certain night time hours.

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Support our campaign to help the island's poorest