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Remember Cozumel with some wonderful new paintings and photos by local artists in our online Cozumel souvenir store.

Browse Wall Art Souvenirs Now!

People who usually work in tourism in Cozumel are looking for alternative ways to earn money right now, and we're delighted to showcase new prints of paintings and photos from two of them in our online souvenir store.

If you'd like some truly original artwork to remind you of the island then we have unique oil paintings, digitally printed on canvas, by Cleitis, the owner of a Cozumel tour business. We currently have his paintings of San Gervasio ruins; a quaint street doorway in Cozumel; and the Mayan monument downtown.

Or if you prefer some island photography, take a look at the posters and framed canvas prints from Tati, a professional, award-winning photographer and tour guide in Cozumel. Her iconic images include the light house at Punta Sur, an awesome Cozumel sunset; and palm trees on a gorgeous white sand beach.

All items are printed and dispatched in the US. Keep checking back as we plan to add more artists and artworks soon!

Browse Wall Art Souvenirs Now!