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Cozumel archaeology
Cozumel archaeological sites.

Cozumel hosted an international archaeological meeting for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), last week, strengthening its ties with the body and experts from around the world.

The two day event studied the astronomical knowledge of the island's people before the arrival of the Spanish.

Academics attended the conference at the Park Royal hotel from as far afield as France, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, the United States, Peru and South Africa.

Cozumel archaeoastronomy
International experts study archaeology in Cozumel.

Nuria Sanz, UNESCO Director in Mexico, said the meeting was important because Cozumel needs scientific archaeology "that doesn't trivialize the message" to help tourism and protect the environment.

Many myths and false facts have been written about Cozumel and its history and the serious study of the island's past was welcomed by local experts.

Cozumel UNESCO metting
Two day UNESCO meeting in Cozumel.

The meeting forms part of an agreement between Cozumel and UNESCO signed in May 2014, which aims to promote research into the "archaeoastronomy" of the island and its importance to the development of the Mayan civilization.

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