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With so much information out there about Cozumel, it's inevitable that some of it will be wrong. 

But at This is Cozumel we take great pride in the quality of our content, so in this series we plan to correct some of the biggest errors, debunk the myths and reveal the truth about the island.

In this first article we'd like to set the record straight about Cozumel's size and correct the frequent claims that Cozumel is "Mexico's largest island".

Big newspapers like USA Today and the Herald Sun, well-known travel publications like Lonely Planet, Yahoo Travel and Islands magazine, and other local Cozumel websites have all got it wrong.

Cozumel is, in fact, Mexico's largest Caribbean island and the country's largest inhabited island, but you'll find two much bigger Mexican islands in the Gulf of California: Tiburón Island (Isla Tiburón) and Archangel Island (Isla Ángel de la Guarda).

According to the Mexican National Statistics and Geography Institute, Tiburón Island is more than twice the size of Cozumel at 463 square miles (1,198.7 square kilometers), Archangel Island is 359 square miles (930.4 square kilometers) and Cozumel comes in at 181 square miles (467.9 square kilometers).

This means Cozumel is the third largest island in Mexico. Don't believe anything you've read to the contrary, however reliable it may seem!