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San Gervasio is the most important Mayan archeological site on Cozumel Island.

The religious center was built as sanctuary to the Goddess Ixchel.

It was popular for many Mayans to visit once in their lifetime on a type of pilgrimage.

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San Gervasio ruins
The Big House at San Gervasio.

The ruins aren't as big and impressive as those on the mainland at Chichen Itza or Tulum, but the park still makes for a fascinating cultural and historical experience.

During the post-classic period (1200-1530) it became the biggest and most important site in the Island of Cozumel.

At the central square you will find the most important temples.

Nine buildings form an enclosed patio from where three roads connect with other squares.
Maya ruins in Cozumel
The Arch Structure.

In this area there are the most important aquifers of the island and an abundance of cenotes. It is located off the cross-island road in the central-northern portion of the island.

Ixchel in Cozumel.
Equinox at the Pyramid of Ixchel.
  The site takes its name from the agricultural and cattle ranch “San Gervasio” which was founded by Mr. Gervasio Novelo on September 14th, 1858.

The original name is unknown, but is believed that it could have been “Tan Tun” (Over Rock)

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Facilities: bilingual guides, snack bar, bookstore, handcraft stores, parking and bathrooms.

Entrance $9.50 approx.

Distance from downtown approx. 11 miles (18 km).

Opening hours: 7am to 4pm daily.