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Cozumel windsurfing
Cozumel champion.

The island's own Demita Vega De Lille won the main women's event at the North American Windsurfing Championships in Cozumel, last weekend.

Drawing on her local knowledge, De Lille delivered another strong performance to help her on the way to qualification for the London 2012 Olympics.

Fellow Mexican, David Mier y Teran, made the most of Cozumel's unique conditions to take first place in the main men's event.

Mier y Teran enjoyed the great wind and current conditions, which he said had made for an even more exciting competition.

In total, 75 windsurfers from 10 countries around North and South America and the Caribbean competed in the event, held off the island's north-west shore.

Cozumel windsurf
David Mier y Teran.

Miguel Ángel Pani Can, President of the Mexican Windsurfing Assocation, praised the island for the event's success and said he was open to the idea of holding more international competitions in Cozumel.

Check out this fantastic HD video of the North American Windsurfing Championships from SVK-1 Sports or see more photos and the full list of results on the Mexican Windsurfing Association website.