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Cozumel has started 2011 with a marked increase in visitor numbers.

Passenger traffic at the island's airport was up 12.3% in January 2011, compared with January 2010, and, so far this month, there have been a bumper 86 cruise ship arrivals.


The North American Windsurfing Championship attracted large numbers of competitors and spectators, last weekend, and next month will also see Carnival in Cozumel, another major event that is expected to attract thousands more visitors.

In the current economic climate, the official figures once again demonstrate Cozumel's attractiveness as a world-class tourist destination.

The last couple of years have been tough for the Mexican Caribbean tourism industry, being hit by the global economic crisis, hurricanes, the flu scare and negative media coverage.

The fact that Cozumel has seen an increase now will be cautiously welcomed by islanders, the majority of whom work in the tourism industry.