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The votes have been counted and we're delighted to announce that Kim McNeil wins first prize and will receive 2 free Playa Uvas all-inclusive beach passes in our Funny Photo Competition!

Kim's photo of her children, Josh and Janelle, on their first visit to Cozumel, just took top place with 22% of the votes.


It's only fair, of course, that we give a free pass to Josh and Janelle too, the stars of the photo!

In a close second place was Lucinda Belden's picture, “On the flip side”, which received 19% of the votes.

Along with Lucinda, the other runners up that all win a $20 Cozumel tour gift voucher, are Francine Timbers, Bill Fisher, Curt Stainbrook and Grady Andrews.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and a big thanks to all our readers that entered photos and voted!

See the winning snaps below or take a look at all the photos that were entered in our Funny Photo Gallery.

Cozumel photo competition
Kim McNeil - 1st place - 22% of votes

Cozumel beach prize
Lucinda Belen - 2nd Place - 19% of votes

Cozumel photos
Francine Timbers - 3rd Place - 8% of votes

Cozumel competition
Bill Fisher - 4th Place - 6% of votes

Cozumel winners
Curt Stainbrook - 5th Place - 6% of votes

Cozumel winning photos
Grady Andrews - 6th Place - 5% of votes