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Nurse shark.
  In our second Insider's Dive report, talks to Moises Marentes about his recent favorite Cozumel dive locations.

Moises is a freelance SSI Advanced Openwater Dive Instructor with more than 20 years of scuba experience.

Like most professional divers in Cozumel, Moises is apprehensive to name a favorite location and insists he loves them all. "Cozumel island is my favorite dive-site", he says, with a broad smile across his face that shows he means it.

Under pressure, Moises does admit that he made a particularly enjoyable dive just last week at La Pared del Cedral - or El Cedral Wall.

He explains that this is not a dive for beginners, since the currents can be strong, but on the other hand, that's one of the reasons he enjoyed the dive so much.

A good current can make for a drift dive that covers a large distance with minimal effort.

The Caribbean flow takes you on a flight across coral reefs and through an underwater wonder world full of marine life.
Cozumel diving
Green Moray eel.

Moises reels off a list of what he saw. It sounds like the contents of an aquatic life college book... "two green Moray eels, a nurse shark, a bull shark, eagle rays, green turtles, lobsters and crabs." And not all hiding away either - one of the Moray eels was out and about letting divers have a look at the full length of its majestic body as it swam through open water.

Of course, divers aren't always guaranteed such a super smorgasbord of sea life to keep them entertained, but as Moises' experience at El Cedral Wall tells us - the ocean around Cozumel is teeming with life for you to discover.

A typical multi-level dive at La Pared del Cedral might spend time at 60 feet, 50 feet and 30 feet, with a bottom time of around an hour.

Minimum certification: PADI Openwater or equivalent and experience of diving in currents.

Cozumel underwater photos courtesy of Randy Hodge.

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