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Cozumel calendar
May: Christmas Tree Worm
  If you're searching for an original gift this Christmas, a new underwater calendar for 2008 could be just what you need.

It features 14 of the best subaquatic snaps taken by Cozumel photographer Luisa Valdes.

Luisa has been diving in the waters around the island since 1992, she explains that with the calendar she wants to share her passion for diving, for nature, for photography and for life.

Each month features a large, high quality underwater image, from Blue Tang fish to Octopus to Flamingo Tongue.

The exotic, colorful images brighten up any wall, making you feel like you're in the Caribbean whatever the weather outside.
Cozumel underwater photos
June: Blue Tang Fish

All the text is bilingual, in English and Spanish, and each month also features the phases of the moon, marked with mulucs - ancient Mayan symbols.

Calendar 2008
July: Flamingo Tongue.
  Luisa says, "For me diving has been the window for magic, color and beauty; it has straightened my character, given me confidence and has become a discipline that stays with me day after day".

The calendar is available online exclusively through This is Cozumel and represents excellent value at only $20 (plus postage and packaging).

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