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The 'Sacred Mayan Crossings' take place in May or June each year. In 2021 it has been cancelled due to the pandemic, but the dates for 2022 will be announced later this year.

Hundreds of oarsmen and women in Mayan canoes, paddle from the mainland to Cozumel and back.

The 2 day event recreates ancient ritual pilgrimages undertaken by the original inhabitants of Yucatán to Polé (Xcaret) and then on by canoe to Cuzamil (Cozumel).

The celebration begins with a pilgrimage to Xcaret. All night long, guests participate in rituals and supplications to the goddess Ix Chel, as they wait for the first rays of dawn, when they send the canoes off to Cozumel.


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In Cozumel, offerings are made to the goddess, who sends a message back to the inhabitants of Mayan lands.

The canoes then paddle to Playa del Carmen on the mainland, bringing with them the goddess' omens of good fortune.

Cozumel Mayan history

Sacred Mayan rituals.

For the Maya, this journey was a mystical undertaking in which they were profoundly affected by their intimate contact with the forces of nature.

To learn more about the history of the Maya and the canoe crossing visit the Sacred Mayan Journey website.

You can also book Cozumel taxi tours to visit and learn about Ix Chel and the Mayan ruins at San Gervasio on the island.


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