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Record your dive trip in Cozumel with a breathtaking film recorded and produced by Cozumel underwater videographer, Miguel Angel Reyes.

Miguel loves his work and you’ll see that from the way he establishes shots of you and the other divers on the boat and how he films each moment as you drift among the towering coral formations and the exotic fauna that Cozumel is famous for.

The results are breathtaking. Miguel has a knack for anticipating the actions of the fish, and other wildlife. But not only does he film the marine life, he works to get you both in the frame together.

Making the most of each dive, Miguel often keeps the camera rolling until his tank is almost empty and he's forced, reluctantly, to make his way to the surface.

Video of Cozumel diving
Your underwater moments on a professionally filmed and edited DVD.

If you're planning a dive trip to Cozumel, think how great it would be to have your underwater moments captured on a professionally filmed and edited DVD by Miguel, to be shared with family and friends!

Miguel is also a Cozumel underwater photographer. To check his availability and prices please contact us.