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Cave and cenote diving
Cave and cenote dives.

Cave diving experts from across the world flock to the region, find out what they’re so excited about!

We work with selected, experienced local cave and cenote diving specialists who can show you some of the most astounding sights you will ever see underwater and underground.

The area is famous for its subterranean networks of rivers, cenotes, caves and caverns, with water so clear you’ll think it’s invisible.

Cenote diving in Cozumel
Subterranean networks of rivers, cenotes, caves and caverns.

Dive trips are possible under Cozumel and under the mainland nearby, please contact us with details of your current certification level, experience, specialities and desires, and it will be our pleasure to propose some world-class diving opportunities tailored just for you.

Price: upon request - contact us for more information.

Maximum 6 people per group.

Includes: Equipment (if required), purified water, drinks and snacks.

Location: varies - contact us for more information.

E-ticket: For every confirmed booking you will be required to print an E-ticket which is presented at the destination.

Local Operator Information: Complete operator information, including local telephone numbers at your destination, are included on your E-ticket.

Reservation Policy: All reservations are subject to our reservation policy available here.

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