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Mexican pop diva Paulina Rubio married Spanish businessman Nicolas Vallejo Nagera last week at Xcaret Eco Park, on the Riviera Maya coast near Cozumel.

With paparazzi clamoring for an exclusive photograph of the famous duo, security was tight.

Over 150 security guards were hired to secure the local tourist attraction from looky-loos and wannabe wedding guests.
Paulina Rubio's wedding
Superstar wedding.

The intimate religious ceremony was momentarily put on hold as 4 helicopters buzzed overhead to get a bird's eye view of Rubio tying the knot.

Guests included Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz and Puerto Rican soap opera actress Adamaris Lopez. reports said guest were given strict instructions not to bring cell phones, recording devices or even watches.

Paulina Rubio
Mexican Pop Diva.
  Rubio and Nagera rented out the entire park. Orchids, white roses and floating candles were brought in by the truck load.

The attraction's underground river was sprinkled with floating candles that led to the reception area at the picturesque La Isla Salon.

It was a spectacular sight for those that were lucky enough to get in.

Rubio arrived on the entertainment scene after starting in the children's group Timbiriche. She truly gained her superstar status when she made her solo debut in 1992 with "The Golden Girl". Her other albums also include "Pau-Latina" and "Ananda".

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