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New recruitment website.
  High staff turnover is a common problem within the service industry.

It is often the result of lack of recruiting resources, followed by poor training methods and need of time.

New local recruitment company Turicarreras hopes to change that with the launch of their new website for online recruitment in the hospitality and tourism industry.

The hotel and tourism industry have more pressure on them then ever before. Customers have higher expectations and they know what to expect when traveling. Having a happy workforce equals happy, returning customers which equals to a profitable business. It is such an easy equation yet so difficult to perform.

Turicarreras have taken these difficulties under consideration, as well as the increasing usage of the internet, and have developed an online job board, facilitating the long and tedious recruitment process. With the applicant, who is looking for employment in Mexico, can post their resume in the database and create their own profile which includes everything from; which state they would like to work in, to which industry they are interested to work in, to which department. With all these preferences they may proceed to apply for all jobs available with these characteristics, with just one single click.

Furthermore, the employers looking for new employees for their business can easily post their new job vacancies. Why not start the interview process from the very start by asking questions on the job posting? Also, by searching the resume database, they can instantly find an interesting candidate from a global pool of candidates that have posted their resumes in hopes of finding a job opportunity in Mexico.

As a member of Turicarreras you will get your own access key to a personalized account. At any time the vacancies in the account can be viewed or edited. You can also keep a close eye on the statistics of how many have seen the postings and how many have applied. Turicarreras is available in both English and Spanish making it easy for everyone to understand the content.

Turicarreras is matching everyone's needs and introducing the matches in a personalized email sent to your email account. The website is designed to make the recruitment process easy for everyone. There is nothing that is more time consuming and ineffective than having a "wrong match" for the job. With help from the internet and Turicarreras, the hiring process will be less time consuming, easier and more cost effective. Turicarreras is working closely with some of the best hotel schools in the world and many of their current students are signing up in order to search job vacancies in Mexico. Who wouldn't want to work in Mexico; a beautiful country, rich with culture, fun activities, beautiful beaches, great food, and wonderful people.

Turicarreras is a small new company based on the coast of the Riviera Maya. Their dedication is to work for the hotel and tourism industry in Mexico. Making the recruitment process easy, more effective and fun for both parties involved.

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