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Explore the little-known far north of Cozumel and Punta Molas. Previously almost impossible to get to, now you can be one of the privileged few to visit the area, on our new explorers' boat tour.

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Few people visit the far north point of Cozumel island due to its remoteness. For the same reason the water and coral in this area is pristine. A little-known Mayan ruin hides in the mangrove and jungle, and an historic lighthouse keeps watch on the area.

You'll depart from Puerto Abrigo marina, a short taxi ride from downtown and the cruise terminals and your comfortable, well-equipped boat will take you on a scenic ride north.

After just over an hour you'll arrive to your destination at Punta Molas, the only traffic you'll see along the way being the occasional fisherman.

Disembarking from the boat, you'll have the chance to take a close look at the old light house. It sits on land named after the Spanish soldier and map-maker, Miguel Molas, who was also accused of piracy when he explored the area back in the 1800s.

Next you'll snorkel in sight of Punta Molas lighthouse, where you'll feel like you're the first people to explore the crystal clear waters and see the magical sea-life under the waves.

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Marvel in the underwater world of reef, brain coral, sea fans, colorful fish and more, without any other tourists intruding on your beauftiful moment with the sea.

To visit the ruin you'll step on to land again, exploring the tropical vegetation and mangrove, until you discover the small structure, just as the Spanish did many centuries ago.

Drinks are included onboard the boat and you'll also make a stop for a tasty explorers' packed lunch, before enjoying another scenic boat ride south, back to the marina where you started.

This trip will be the most exciting 4-5 hours you spend on your vacation!

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