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Cozumel NFL

Some true American football legends spent time on vacation in Cozumel, last week, when they visited the island on the Packers Legends Cruise.

The 5 day cruise offers Green Bay Packer fans opportunities to engage with some of the most celebrated players in the NFL's history, on the ship the Independence of the Seas.

Cozumel NFL

Favorite packers on the trip include LeRoy Butler, Ahman Green, Dorsey Levens, Dave Robinson and Andre Rison.

Cozumel Packers

In Cozumel, the players relaxed at an all-inclusive beach club, where they had a few drinks, played beach games and posed for photos with fans and locals.

Cozumel Green Bay

The games included catching water bombs over a volley ball net, practice the current team could perhaps use, now Jordy Nelson won't be receiving for them.