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Cozumel Carnival 2018

Cozumel is captivated by Carnival again, with the full program confirmed and pre-Carnival events started last night!

The main week of events will be from Wednesday, February 7 to Wednesday, February 14, 2018, and the biggest celebrations and parades will be on the nights of Saturday, February 10; Sunday, February 11 and Fat Tuesday, February 13.

Cozumel Carnival 2018 Poster

The island's spectacular annual Mardis Gras has over 130 years of history and sees dazzling technicolor processions along Cozumel's downtown seafront. People line the street, dancing with the performers and catching the gifts that are showered on them.

Cozumel Carnival 2017

After the parades the music keeps playing and parties continue well into the night. Costumed revellers battle in dancing competitions and bands play live music around the city.

Islanders spend months preparing costumes and floats for the parades

Every year Carnival draws top artists from around Mexico and Latin America to perform at the prestigious event. This year's line-up is expected to includes Margarita "La Diosa de la Cumbia", Las Estrellas De Niche, Super Lamas, Combo Criollo, La Fórmula Perfecta, Genitallica, Punto Cero, Jair y Son Latinos and Willie Colon.

Cozumel Carnival Processions

Apart from the parades and concerts there is a festival atmosphere around the whole island, and lots of free activities during the daytime in the park in front of City Hall or at the downtown plaza.

Whether you're visiting or living locally, from babies to great grandparents, Cozumel's Carnival will bring a smile to the face and a sway to the hips. Don't be miss out, come and join the party!

Find more information and the full program on our Cozumel Carnival 2018 page.

Photos courtesy of Cozumel Municipal Government.