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Feel the cool Caribbean breeze in your hair as you drive your very own quirky dune buggy. You'll drive right round Cozumel, stopping to snorkel a shallow reef, enjoy amazing ocean views, see a small Mayan ruin, look for crocodiles, climb an historic lighthouse and learn about tequila.

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Your first stop is at a small oceanfront bar south of downtown, where you enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean for a beginner's snorkel experience. Certified guides will provide safety tips and instruction before leading you out to see the colorful tropical fish and delightful array of sea life Cozumel has to offer.

You will have leisure time to relax and enjoy a deliciously tasty Mexican-style lunch including fajitas, rice, beans and tortilla chips at an ocean side restaurant.

Next you board your Cozumel dune buggy and head off along stunning coastal road in a caravan led by a guide to the beautiful Punta Sur Nature Park, an ecological reserve on the island's southernmost tip. Upon arrival you will visit El Caracol, a small Mayan ruin which in the past, remarkably, was used as a weather warning system.

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Afterwards, look for crocodiles from an observation tower and discover Colombia Lagoon which feeds and provides balance to the coral reef formations. Before leaving Punta Sur you also get to visit the 20th century lighthouse, which is still operational, with its maritime museum and fantastic views from the top.

Next on the Cozumel Dune Buggy Tour you continue your drive all the way around the island along the famous east coast, known locally as "The Other Side". Enjoy breathtaking views as you look out across white sand beaches, rock formations and the wide open Caribbean Sea.

The last stop on the way back is at the tequila tour where you'll learn how Mexicans turn a spiky plant into their national drink and get to try some amazing drinks (for the Dune Buggy drivers they're without alcohol!)

Finally, tired and happy you'll finish back at your cruise terminal, hotel or other convenient drop-off point.

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