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You'll feel like a real Mayan on our new interactive encounter, wandering through a village where the rich local history and culture is laid out before you.

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After being shown how to paint your face in traditional Mayan colors, your guide will take you from workshop to workshop, in thatched palapa huts, where you'll get a true sense of how this mystical civilization lived (and still lives).

Sip a traditional chocolate drink, invented by Mayans over 2,000 years ago, and recreated by you now by grinding cacao beans with your own hands.

Prepare corn using a centuries-old Mayan technique, and make your own hand-cooked tortillas to try with delicious authentic local toppings.

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Following a break for a theatrical performance complete with Mayan smoke and drums, there are more work-shops to enjoy, including seeing how honey is made by stingless Mayan bees, how clothes are made from agave plants and how natural chewing gum is made from ancient trees.

To round things off you'll be shown how an age-old ball game is played, enjoyed by Mayan thousands of years before NFL or baseball were invented.

The complete visit lasts about 60 minutes, and you'd never imagine you could pack so much in about the captivating lives of the Mayan people.

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You can stay longer if you wish, and don't miss the little thatched gift store at the end, where you'll find the unique keepsakes and presents you've been searching for all vacation.

This visit is not offered by cruise lines or package vacation agencies and is not a superficial Mayan theme-park. Instead, you can expect a fun, authentic, hands-on Mayan experience. It's designed by experts in pre-Hispanic Mexico who have a desire to share their knowledge with you.

You can easily take a taxi or drive a rental car to get there, or it makes a great stop on our Private Taxi Tours and Wheelchair Accessible Tours.

Don't miss out. Come and learn. Come and be Mayan!

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