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10 years old

At This is Cozumel we're celebrating our 10th birthday and we'd like to thank all our readers and customers for their loyal support over the last decade!

Our website was originally set up to provide reliable, balanced, independent information about Cozumel after Hurricane Wilma visited the island in October 2015, and was formally launched with the name on November 3, 2005.

At that time it was popular to post photos of the damage caused by the hurricane. We were concerned about the damaging effect this could have on tourism and launched our site to provide all the good news that was coming out of the island instead. And there was plenty!

The spirit of the people and speed of recovery was incredible. The whole community was out, shoulder to shoulder, cleaning up the island and the first tourists returned just weeks after Wilma left us.

On we posted short good news stories and photos, starting with coverage of the public power and water being turned back on, schools re-opening and normality returning.

Return of cruise passengers

We reported on the first stores re-opening on November 3, 2005, the arrival of the first post-Wilma direct US flight on November 5, 2005 and the return of cruise ships to the island on November 14, 2005. You can still find most of our early news reports, albeit without images, in our 2005 Archive.

We were soon receiving more than a thousand visits to the site daily, had thousands signed up for our email newsletters and were overwhelmed with the goodwill messages we received.

As time went on our followers grew in number and, on July 26, 2006, with Wilma all but a memory in the distant past, we thought it was time to re-name our website and we created, the name we still have today.

Cozumel tour agency

As well as continuing to provide news we added an extensive tourist guide section and started to sell Cozumel tours and list other things to do. We were also selected by Google as an official source for their news service.

Fast forward now to 2015 and we're delighted to have matured into one of the island's most popular websites with more than twenty thousand followers for our site, emails and social networks. We are also one of the largest Cozumel tour providers, making reservations for thousands of happy customers every year and receiving outstanding reviews for our products and customer service.

This year we have plans to make further improvements to our site and add more fantastic products to our range. So thanks again for reading and booking with us, as we look forward to the next 10 years!