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According to independent figures from statistics provider Google Analytics, on average This is Cozumel received 781 sessions from 635 users daily in the first half of 2016. This resulted in 2,347 pageviews per day on average.

Each session lasted 2 minutes 6 seconds and looked at 3.0 pages, on average.

The majority of sessions were from users in the United States (74.7%), followed by Mexico (12.6%), Canada (6.1%), Europe excl. the United Kingdom (2.6%), and the United Kingdom (1.8%).

We have over 36,000 followers (likes) on our Facebook page, more than 3,000 active subscribers to our free email newsletter and more followers on our Twitter and Google+ networks, many of whom will be visiting Cozumel soon or are already here.

We are also proud to have been an official Google News source since 2008.