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Cozumel celebrates.
Cozumel celebrates.

United States' Independence Day was celebrated in Cozumel, earlier this month, with tourists, locals and the island's American community enjoying a special event downtown.

The party included live music and DJs, food and drink from local restaurants, clowns, contests and face painting - with plenty of stars and stripes, of course.

The festivities were organised by local tourism bodies in cooperation with a group of island businesses, including Cozumel 4 You marketing and promotions, Rock 'n Java bar and grill, the Blue Angel restaurant and hotel and Señor Frog's bar and restaurant.

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4th of July in Cozumel.

It is the third year in a row that a celebration has been held in Cozumel to honor the history, culture and traditions of Mexico's northern neighbor.

One of the organizers, Laura Wilkinson, from Cozumel 4 You, said the event was "a huge success" and thanked Punta Langosta Mall for stepping in to provide the venue, as local elections meant the main square downtown was unavailable.

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