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The 2011 Annual Bird Festival is underway in Cozumel, organized by the island's Marine Park.

Forming a part of the World Bird Festival, the event aims to educate and raise awareness about the importance of the island's birds.

This year's program consists of bird observation activities at the archaeological site of San Gervasio, a photo exhibition and "feathered cinema" in Cozumel's public parks.

The observation activities will continue until October 29 and the remaining dates for the "feathered cinema" are October 21 and 28.

Cozumel bird tour.
Juveniles in Cozumel in nesting season.

Scientific research has indicated that Cozumel is home to a total of 224 species of birds. Of these, 19 species are endemic - meaning they only exist on the island and nowhere else in the world - and 50 species are migratory.

Cozumel northern lagoons
Pink (Roseate) Spoonbills in Cozumel.

The first World Bird Festival was held in 2001, attracting over 300,000 people in 88 countries.

The World Bird Festival is celebrated throughout the month of October and is aimed at highlighting the vital role that birds play in the equilibrium of ecosystems, as well as their relationships with people.

Cozumel bird tour.
Osprey nesting in Cozumel's northern lagoons.

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