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As a global authority on island destinations with more than half a milion readers, Island Magazine's recommendations are worth listening to.

So, the inclusion of Cozumel this month as one of their World's Best Islands to Live On, is worthy praise indeed.

In their latest edition, the glossy US-based publication described Cozumel as a "colorful Mexico blended with the Caribbean's laid-back attitude [...] a social island with patient, relaxed people."

They named Cozumel number 16 in their list of the top 20 islands to live on, number 1 was the Big Island in Hawaii.

Cozumel Island of Peace
High quality island life.

The publisher of the popular, twice-quarterly, magazine, Bonnier Corporation, said the list had been selected "considering real estate values, ease of immigration, expat community, quality of island life and more."

Writers interviewed expats living in Cozumel to research the report and quoted Tom Fryer, owner of the Hotel Flamingo, who said the island was ideal to move to, and also had a convenient location for visiting other parts of Mexico.

Coming as Cozumel celebrates its first year as Island of Peace, the article further enhances the island's image as "heaven on Earth" and helps promote Cozumel as a high quality international destination.

To see the full report visit the Islands Magazine website.