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Cozumel snorkel tours
Relax and see colorful tropical fish.

This is an archived news item from 2010, we no longer offer this tour but we have a new Southern Reefs Snorkel tour.

Avoid fast and furious Cozumel snorkel tours and enjoy a more relaxed pace on our exclusive new boat trip to 3 top reefs.

The classic, wooden double-deck Star of the Sea, takes you snorkeling at famous reefs such as Paradise, Dzul-Ha and Chankanaab.

Jump into the crystal clear waters where your qualified guide will show you the magnificent reef formations, colorful tropical fish and Cozumel's other forms of exciting marine life.

Cozumel snorkel
Classic double-deck vessel, Star of the Sea (Estrella del Mar).

Relax on deck between snorkel stops, in the shade or sun, and enjoy a truly Caribbean vibe.

Cozumel boat tour
See magnificent reef formations and more.

A boxed lunch, soft drinks and beer after snorkeling are all included, as well as good quality snorkel equipment and life vests.

Cozumel snorkeling
Colorful tropical fish and other forms of exciting marine life.

You won't forget the amazing sights you see above and below the surface on this fabulous Cozumel snorkel tour.


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