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Fashionable Mexican jewelry designer, Tanya Moss, wooed the United States' First Lady, when she visited Mexico, last month.

Tanya - who has a store in Cozumel - was invited to meet Michelle Obama by Mexico's First Lady, Margarita Zavala.

Mrs Zavala has long been a fan of Tanya's exquisite designs and wanted her to meet with Mrs Obama when she visited the exclusive Mexican presidential residence in Mexico City.

"Mexico's First Lady loves Mexican design", said Tanya, "She has a few of my pieces and, now, so does Michelle Obama.".

Cozumel shopping
Fashionable Cozumel jewelry.

Tanya said it had been an honor and a privilege to meet Mrs Obama and she was delighted that her designs may now be worn by the United States' First Lady.

For Tanya, her passion with jewelry started young.

As a child, she made pieces from objects she found, before later going on to study at Mexico City and Southern Illinois universities, where she became fully involved in the art of designing and making jewelry.

After finishing her studies, in 1993, Tanya became a professional jewelry designer incorporating fresh and innovative styles that "combine versatility and sophistication."

In 2001, her rise to fame led her to be invited to open a store in Cozumel, where she immediately fell in love with the island and its people.

The jewelry fast became a hit with tourists, who love to buy the unique designs and take home a piece of contemporary Mexico.

Cozumel jewelry store
Versatility, sophistication.

Success with the island store later allowed her to launch another in the nearby Riviera Maya, in 2009.

Cozume Tanya Moss
Fresh, innovative styles.

Tanya - who likes to scuba dive and dine in her favorite restaurant, Guidos, whenever in Cozumel - says the island "has a way to get into the heart of people".

Today, she is internationally renowned and travels the world to find exotic and extraordinary stones that, together with gold and silver, become jewels of singular, yet affordable, beauty.

Tanya's designs have featured in countless top fashion magazines and have been worn by hundreds of models and celebrities - the most recent of which is now Michelle Obama.

To see more jewelry visit the store at Punta Langosta Mall in downtown Cozumel or take a look at Tanya Moss's website.