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Cozumel is midway through a month of patriotic events to celebrate the bicentenary of Mexican independence.

And tonight will see the most important of them all.

Island mayor, Juan Carlos González, will perform the Grito de Dolores, marking the call to rebel against Spanish rule made exactly 200 years ago tomorrow.

Cozumel events
Bicentennial celebrations.

Every year, the night before Independence Day on September 16th, the Mexican President and leaders across the whole country reenact the emotional cry, and this year it will be more spectacular than ever.

Cozumel celebrations
Music and dance extravaganzas.

The original cry was made by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810.

Hidalgo was parish priest in the town of Dolores, from where the Grito - or Cry - takes its name.

This year's celebrations will start at 8pm at the special "Magical Mexico" stage that has been erected for the event outside Cozumel's city hall.

A music and dance extravaganza will be followed by dramatic fireworks, before the mayor takes the stage to make his call at 11pm.

Islanders will be fighting to hold back their tears of Mexican pride as the grito rings out and 200 years' of history are officially made.

Other 200th birthday activities this month include special art, sport, cultural and civic events taking place around the city.

Cozumel bicentenary
Cultural and civic events.

Cozumel's municipal clocktower also celebrated its 100th anniversary last Thursday with a symphonious performance by the world-famous West Saxon Orchestra from Germany.

Locals and tourists alike are welcome to attend the bicentennial activities, including the most important event tonight.

September 2010 will be remembered as a month of partying and pride in Cozumel, when Mexicans rightfully celebrated their rich history and culture.

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