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Cozumel's Hotel Flamingo launched its latest unique art exhibition, on Wednesday.

Visions of Caribbean underwater life, including the massive "Reef Wall" oil painting, are on display by famed local artist, Antonio Cárcamo.

Antonio, originally from Mexico City, recently moved to Cozumel and met the hotel's art-loving owner, Tom Fryer.

Tom fell for Antonio's colorful, aquatic underwater style and was quick to offer him the opportunity to exhibit his paintings as the hotel's latest installation.

The artwork ranges in price from $100 to $350 per painting and can be seen throughout the whole property.

However, the pièce de résistance that now dominates the lobby - an awesome 43 square foot image of an underwater reef wall - is on sale for $1,500.


Cozumel art
Angel fish art.

The brush strokes fit well with the spacious, stylish environment of the hotel, and can be viewed by guests or visitors to the bar and restaurant, providing an ideal venue to relax and meet new friends.

Cozumel hotel
Colorful coral images.


Antonio has painted in the U.S. as well as Mexico and has work on display all around the island.

He is also known for his marvellous murals and even dabbles with sculpture when not busy with paint.

In addition to the art, the hotel is also offering 30% off usual rates for guests that stay two nights or more up until December 17, 2010, meaning rooms start at only $52.50 per night, including full breakfast each morning.

Find out more about the Hotel Flamingo or see more works on Antonio Cárcamo's blog site.