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Favorite Cozumel beach club, Playa Uvas, helped 4 local children go back to school in style, last week.

As part of their "Uvas For The Children" project, they gave school supplies to the four Cozumel youngsters, who are all in need of a helping hand.

Generous guests visiting the Cozumel beach club have also brought useful gifts and among the school supplies were backpacks donated by Uvas' customers.

Playa Uvas says they started the campaign in June 2010 since they believe there is a moral obligation to give a little back to the community.

Cozumel beaches
Vacation cinema trip.

For every reservation made at Playa Uvas, the beach club's owners give a percentage to the project, allowing them to buy school supplies and other essentials, as well as make trips out to the cinema and other activities.

At the moment there are 4 children being helped by the scheme - Jorge, Raul, Perlita and Santiago - and Playa Uvas plans to expand to help more soon.

The children all attend the same elementary school but their ages and backgrounds vary - you can see photos and learn a little more about them below.

School teacher, Gladys, has helped coordinate the campaign and shared out the backpacks, notebooks, pencils, erasers, pens, rulers, calculators, shirts, socks and more.

Gladys also accompanied the 4 children and some of their friends in the vacations, when Playa Uvas took them all to the cinema to see Toy Story 3 - popcorn, sodas and big smiles were all included!

Contact us if you would like to help Uvas For The Children or visit our Cozumel beach section to find out more or make a reservation at Playa Uvas.


Meet the Children


Jorge is 8 years old and is in the second grade, he has 3 sisters and 6 brothers.

His father works in a family-run tapestry shop, but in the last few months he's been sick and had a kidney removed. This, together with the economy, has made things difficult in his household.

Cozumel beach kids
Jorge, age 8.


Raul is 11 years old and is in the third grade.

His father works at a business that makes concrete blocks.

His mother stays home, on a lot where 4 other families also live.

Playa Uvas children
Raul, age 11.


Perla is 10 years old, has 2 younger sisters and is Raul's cousin.

She is in the third grade at the same Cozumel elementary school.

Her father repairs tortilla machines and her mother, is a homekeeper and also works in a tortilla shop.

Playa Uvas kids
Perla age 10.


Santiago is 10 years old and is in the third grade

His father bakes bread and his mother was working in a restaurant.

They live in a small rented home on a lot where 5 other families also live.

Cozumel charity
Santiago, age 10.