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Islanders are preparing for massive celebrations in September, when Mexico marks 200 years of independence.

The evening of September 15th will be the main focus as the country remembers the Grito de Dolores, the call to rebel against Spanish rule, made by priest Miguel Hidalgo in 1810.

The whole month of September will see many other patriotic activities too, with special art, sport, cultural and civic events taking place at stages around the city.

Cozumel's municipal clock tower will also celebrate its 100th anniversary on September 9th.

The world-famous West Saxon Symphony Orchestra from Germany will mark the occasion with a special island performance of Mexican opera music.

As part of September's festivities Cozumel will also hold contests for singing, poetry, cycling and bodybuilding, which will see locals competing with much enthusiasm to win historic bicentennial titles.

Cozumel clock
Cozumel's clock tower.

Locals and tourists are all invited to attend the bicentennial activities and September 2010 will be remembered as a month of partying and pride in Cozumel, as Mexicans rightfully celebrate their rich history and culture.

Take a look at the full program in Spanish or visit our Tourist Information section for more about Mexican Independence Day and other Cozumel events.