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Top US newspaper, USA Today, reported today on its blog that there are no plans by cruise lines to cancel calls in Mexico due to swine flu.

The popular daily spoke to several major cruise lines and found none of them intend to cancel cruise stops in Mexico.

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Cruise ship in Cozumel

Industry giant, Carnival cruise lines, said in a statement, "There currently is no evidence of a swine flu pandemic, and there have been no reports of guests exhibiting symptoms of swine flu on Carnival’s ships,".

Julie Benson, spokesperson for Princess cruise lines, told USA Today, "We're taking extra precautions and will follow guidance from health authorities. Our ships and medical staff are well prepared to handle a contagious disease, and we'll also be stepping up screening."

Visit the USA Today article and online discussion or see our tourist information section for more about Cozumel cruises.

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