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Cozumel is calm and ready for tourists as usual, despite cancellations of some cruise arrivals due to the international swine flu outbreak.

The virus has not been found in Cozumel or the state of Quintana Roo and extra health precautions are in place.

Until yesterday, it was reported that no cruise lines had plans to change calls in Mexico, but the two expected arrivals to the island today were cancelled as new international travel advice was published.

Most cruise lines, airlines and travel agencies are waiting to see how the swine flu outbreak develops before confirming their future plans.

Carnival cruise lines said they would issue an update about cruises to Mexico today.

Most flights have been unaffected and tourists are still arriving, albeit in smaller numbers.

The island's El Cedral festival has been called off as a precaution, following the advice of the state government.

The island's tourism economy has suffered recently from reports about drug wars in Mexico and previously from hurricanes, but resilient Cozumele├▒os remain prepared - ready for travel restrictions to be lifted and tourists to return again in number.

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