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More than 4,500 spectators packed Cozumel's Moby Dick hall last night, for the spectacular final of the Dancing For A Carnival Dream contest.

Iris del Carmen Zárate Fuentes and Carlos Alberto López Juárez were the final winners out of the 5 couples dancing merengue and salsa, in a spectacular event that had everybody moving to the tropical rhythms.
Cozumel Carnival Dance Contest
Carnival Dancing Dream.

Carnival in Cozumel 2007
Merengue and salsa rhythms.
  Singer Chichí Peralta, visiting especially from the Dominican Republic, also got the crowd moving with a stellar performance.

Peralta performed Caribbean hits worthy of a Grammy appearance, in a mixture of styles including merengue and bachata.

Tonight, the seafront downtown will see the explosive last parade of Carnival 2007, with thousands of people partying in the streets. This year's event will be brought to a formal close with the burning of Juan Carnaval, in the main square downtown tomorrow night.

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