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Cozumel Carnival 2008 next!
Carnival King and Queen present prizes.
  Cozumel's main square, Parque Benito Juárez, was standing room only last night for an emotional closing event to this year's Carnival.

Prizes and Golden Masks were presented to outstanding Carnival 2007 participants, from groups of children to teachers and pet Chihuahuas.

At the end of the presentation, Carnival King, Jesús Acosta Pacheco "El Meko", read the Last Carnival Testament and the Carnival 2007 anthem was played on a lone trombone.

More than a few tears were shed as the traditional effigy of Juan Carnaval was carried off the stage and prepared for lighting.

At first, the doll didn't want to burn and the soul of Carnival 2007 put up one last fight.

Then finally, the fire caught and Juan Carnaval went up in flames, the people of Cozumel said goodbye to the spirit of Carnival 2007.
Carnival 2008 coming soon!
Burning Juan Carnaval.

Locals and visitors alike will look back fondly on this week of fun, rhythm and madness in 2007 - and already they're looking forward to even more glamor and mayhem in Cozumel Carnival 2008!

Take a look at our Closing Night Photo Gallery.

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