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Articles from Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

Getting from Europe to Cozumel and the Mexican Caribbean has never been easier, with a wide range of economical, direct flights now available from many European cities to Cancun.

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Cozumel time zone

The new time zone in the south-east of Mexico means the Riviera Maya will not change the clocks this fall.

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Only a week remains until an amazing three-day reenactment brings to life the ancient, mystical journey said to have been taken by the Maya, in their quest to pay tribute to the goddess Ix Chel in Cozumel.

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More than 350 canoeists had an emotional paddle from the mainland to Cozumel and back, at the end of last month.

The sea and wind made them battle hard, as they took part in the 2014 historic Travesía Sagrada Maya, or Mayan Sacred Journey.

Cozumel events
Emotional paddling.
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Bored of crossing to the mainland by ferry, two Cozumel scuba experts dream of doing it the hard way.

Fernando Paulin and Mateo Gutierrez -- better known locally as Mostro Puc and Capitan Mamoto -- plan to make the trip some 33 feet (10m) underwater, in diving gear and with only the assistance of battery-powered scooters.

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