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  Apr 30, 2017.    

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Dental Care

Dental Care


Do you want to save money and still get top quality dental work?

Take advantage of dental tourism in Mexico at Cozumel's private dental clinics.

You can access a wide variety of services along with your basic dental care and teeth cleaning.

Dental procedures in other countries can cost thousands of dollars and are often not covered by insurance due to their cosmetic nature.

That's why Mexico dental tourism is a great alternative and at the private clinics in Cozumel you can access affordable, high quality dental treatment while enjoying a relaxing vacation.

In fact, you can pay 50-75% less then average US prices - see the price comparison chart below.

Cozumel dental care includes panoramic x-rays with digital processing to assist patients in an efficient manner.

Some of the most popular Cozumel dental treatments include: cleaning and whitening; crowns and veneers; dental prosthesis; extractions; implants and white resin fillings/inlays.

Price Comparison

Procedure Avg US Price* Cozumel** Savings
$1,200 - $3,000 $950 $250 - $2,050
Laser Teeth
$1,000 + $150
(with cleaning)
Root Canal $400 - $800 $220 $180 - $300
Crowns $600 - $3,100 $350 - $500 $250 - $2,600
Veneers $700 - $1,000 $330
(Empress top
of the line)
$270 - $760
$150 - $200 $80 $70 - $120

* As compared to - July 2011.

** Guide based on prices at private Cozumel clinics.

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