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With the Euro worth more than 18 Mexican pesos, Europeans get a really great deal in Mexico right now.

This means that today, Mexico is some 40 per cent cheaper for Europeans than just 3 years ago, when the Euro was worth less than 13 pesos.*

More and more Europeans, including Italians, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Scandinavians are visiting the Riviera Maya on the coast near Mexico now.

Cozumel deals
Euro worth 40% more.

In Cozumel, North American tourists still form the majority due to the number of cruiseships that visit.

Euro Peso Exchange rate
Value of Euro Against the Mexican Peso (Data: Yahoo! Finance)

This may change as more Europeans see the great deal they can get in Cozumel with their Euros and if more direct flights from Europe to Cozumel International Airport are launched.

Currently, there are only limited direct flights from the United Kingdom and Spain to the island, but there are plenty of direct flight options from Europe to Cancun, only a short transfer away.

Flying via Mexico City, the USA or Canada is also a good way to get from Europe to Cozumel.

* For illustrative purposes only, excludes inflation.

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