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If you rent a vehicle whilst in Cozumel you should take a look at our island driving tips.

1) Almost all downtown roads that run north-south, parallel to the seafront, have priority. Roads running east-west must yield.
Cozumel driving tips.
Buggy sunset.

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2) Most downtown roads are one-way. Look for black and white arrow signs on corners or see which way cars are parked.

3) Don't park on red curbs. It means no parking and the police may take your car or plates and fine you.

4) Don't rent a scooter unless you really understand the high risk you're taking. If you do, make sure you wear a good helmet and protective clothing.

5) Forget shiny new air-conditioned rentals. Pick an old open top VW Beetle for real fun!

6) Enjoy your vacation but please be responsible - drinking and driving is illegal and dangerous here too.

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