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Image   Summaries of recent stories from local Mexican newspapers and websites.

06 October 06: The State Governor of Quintana Roo, Félix Arturo González Canto, is backing a plan to extend Punta Langosta cruise ship pier. The proposal has been presented directly to Mexican President, Vicente Fox Quesada. Reported by Noticaribe.

10 October 06: Overhead telephone and electricity cables are being removed and run underground on Cozumel's seafront, giving the street a better look and making it easier for pedestrians to walk along. Reported by Noticaribe and Por Esto!

13 October 06: Some 3 miles (5 km) of new fiber-optic cables are being laid north of downtown. They will connect to the mainland and increase the island's telephone and internet capacity. Reported by Por Esto!

14 October 06: Sophisticated new security equipment has been installed in Cozumel International Airport that can help detect narcotics and explosives. Reported by Por Esto!

16 October 06: Cruises to Cozumel have restarted from New Orleans, 14 months after Hurricane Katrina hit the US city. Reported by Noticaribe.

23 October 06: Mexican President, Vicente Fox Quesada, will visit Cozumel again this week to officially open some important local community and tourism projects.Reported by Noticaribe.