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We've selected 3 top Cozumel books which make the ideal Christmas gift for any visitor planning a trip, or for anyone who simply loves the island.

Cozumel Above The Sea

First on our list is "Cozumel Above The Sea", a compilation of stunning photos taken around the island by three top photographers.

The high quality, large format, hardcover book celebrates Cozumel's dazzling variety of wildlife, culture and scenery, and contains more than 500 photos taken over a three-year period.

No other photo book of Cozumel can even come close to the beauty you'll find in these pages. A top buy!

Buy it now for $29.99!

The True History of Cozumel

Second on our list is "The True History of Cozumel", a fascinating look back at Cozumel through the centuries that dispels countless myths and uncovers quirky anecdotes about the island.

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln tried to buy Cozumel? Or that Jacques Cousteau did not, in fact, make an underwater documentary film here?

Written by island resident writer and historical investigator, Ric Hajovsky, the book is available in paperback format or to download for Kindle.

From talking crosses, to one-armed Christ statues, parrot-eating boas, and cannibalistic islanders, this makes a riveting and educational read.

Buy it now from $10.34!

Cozumel the Complete Guide II

An oldie but a goodie. Although it was last updated in 2011, the third book on our list is still one of the best guides to the island and contains a huge amount of information.

Author, Patricia Holt, wrote "Cozumel the Complete Guide II" from the first-hand experience of her visits to the island and later the time she spent living here.

You'll find secrets and recommendations for navigating the island including where to stay, getting around, the best diving, eating and shopping, not to mention discount vouchers for many local businesses and a heap of other practical information for anyone planning a visit to Cozumel.

Available in paperback or to download in various e-book formats, this is a must-have for any visitor to the island.

Buy it now from $10!