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New Cozumel ferry

Rumors are rife in Cozumel that a new, third passenger ferry company will start operating between the island and Playa del Carmen, possibly as soon as next week.

After months of speculation and local press reports, publicity from the new ferry company Barcos Caribe has appeared on taxis in Cozumel and on social networks over the last few weeks.

They don't include contact details and our attempts to contact the company to verify the information have been unsuccessful, but the advertising says they will offer tickets to locals for 69 pesos ($4.60) in each direction.

Mexico Waterjets ferry

No mention has been made of prices for tourists from overseas or Mexicans from other parts of the country, but they say discounted local prices will apply for anyone who lives in the state of Quintana Roo, not just Cozumel as is currently the case.

Two ferry companies - Ultramar and Mexico Waterjets - currently have the duopoly on the route, charging 84 pesos ($5.60) for locals who live in Cozumel and 163 pesos ($10.90) for everyone else. The two companies have long been criticized by locals for charging too much and not offering enough crossings.

Ticket booths for Barcos Caribe are ready at the piers in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, but they are not open yet and still don't display the company's name.

Ultramar ferry

According to local newspaper reports, Barcos Caribe has two boats called Caribe I and Caribe II that can take 300-400 passengers each. They are currently docked on the mainland about 24 miles (39 km) away at Puerto Morelos and are thought to be ready to start operations as soon as the final permits are issued by the authorities.

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