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Last week saw a massive seafront finale to Cozumel Carnival for 2013.

Thousands of enthusiastic tourists and locals were out on "Fat Tuesday" to dance in the streets and watch the colorful, musical parade.

The Carnival 2013 King and Queen, danced non-stop on their float, waving to the crowds that lined the island's seafront road downtown.


After the parades finished, the partygoers continued dancing in the main squares to live music, including a lively latin performance by top Mexican band Grupo 3 Ball Monterrey.

Cozumel Carnival in 2013
Dancing in the streets.


The following night, after the Carnival confetti and beads had been cleaned up, Cozumel's main square was full again for the official closing ceremony.

Prizes were presented to outstanding Carnival participants, from children and teachers and to favorite pets.

At the end of the evening, as the last songs of the Carnival came to an end, the traditional fire was lit to burn the effigy of Juan Carnaval.

Watching the flames with tears in their eyes, islanders and visitors said a sad goodbye to Carnival for another year.

Everyone that took part will have happy memories of this colorful week in 2013.

And, of course, Carnival diehards are already looking forward to even more music and dancing in Cozumel Carnival 2014!


Carnival in Cozumel 2013
Carnival climax.

Images courtesy of Cozumel photographer, Edgar Mendoza. For more photos see our Cozumel Carnival 2013 Facebook Album.

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