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Cozumel is safe
Visitors give thumbs up.

Visitors to Cozumel repeated, last week, that Cozumel is a very safe vacation destination.

People that have visited Cozumel know it is quiet, secure and family-friendly, but the subject of safety in other parts of Mexico has been in the news recently following the U.S. government's latest travel advisory.

The U.S. government advice explicitly excludes Cozumel and focuses on other areas of the country over 1,000 miles away.

However, island business owners understand that it can still be confusing for potential visitors and are using testimonials from people that have visited the island to reinforce the message that Cozumel is safe.

Cozumel is safe
Families feel safe in Cozumel.

One local hotel published a video called "Cozumel: Ultra Safe Travel Destination" showing countless interviews with tourists in Cozumel, all of whom said the island was safe, and many of whom said it is safer than their home town or city.

We posted the video last week on the This is Cozumel Facebook page and were inundated with positive replies and supportive comments, a selection of which are below.

Although the media often focus on violence in Mexico, these new first-hand comments and testimonials prove Cozumel is clearly in another, much more pacific world.

To back this up, not only does Cozumel fly the flag as an official international "Island of Peace", but now also holds the prestigious "Pax Urbis" peace award.

Cozumel peace flag
Proudly flying the flag of peace in Cozumel.

Cozumel's humble people and awe-inspiring natural environment have surely contributed to the historic spirit of peace on the island and it is something locals are rightly proud of.

If you haven't visited yet and have been wondering if the island is safe, you now have a clear answer.

Don't believe hearsay and media sensationalism, listen to the people that have really been here and visit soon!

Comments last week from Cozumel visitors

"Been going to Cozumel 12 or so years, and feel a lot safer in Cozumel then in the burbs of Cleveland." - Damon Mcgeady

"I just got back home from Cozumel and the headline in our news in Fargo is armed robberies and today a murder! I want to go back where it's safe!" - Pamela Lundon-Grover

"We were in Cozumel for our honeymoon in November of 2011 and will be back this November for our one year anniversary. We felt so safe. Safer than here in Houston, Texas. Can't wait to keep going back! We love Cozumel!" - Lauren Blackburn

"We've been to Cozumel about a dozen times and always feel safe there. The locals are so friendly. Will be back to see you next month! Can't wait!" - Vanessa White

"My husband and I came to Cozumel last September for our 25th anniversary and we loved it. We were a little worried with all the bad press but felt so safe and not at all threatened. The people of Cozumel were awesome and I hope we can come back again one day." - Stephanie 'Clark' Kersey

"Absolutely [safe]! It's like saying don't visit Texas because of a problem in New York. Totally ridiculous. I love Cozumel!" - Dennis Murphy

"I never worry when I am in Cozumel. Always feels like home to me!" - Denise Touchette Messier

"Cozumel is our home away from home, been going there for 15 years, never a problem, I walk downtown by myself... no worries!" - Cindy Allen

"The first time I went to Cozumel was 17 years ago and each time I go back, I always enjoy it. I have traveled to many parts of the world and to me, the Mexican people are some of the most hospitable I have ever met." - Eliane M Archambeault

"I agree [Cozumel is safe], I am headed your way next week and have been visiting 3 to 4 times a year since 1992." - Elizabeth Libby Holland

"12 years and counting... never a problem! Great people, and a great place! Be back in a few weeks!" - Tim Stinson